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Welcome to Kingsgrove High School 1960's website.

This site has been established for those ex-students who attended and/or left the school between 1960 and 1969.

There are some faces unidentified in the photos and some names that may be wrong or mis-spelled - please send corrections & suggestions to Neil Gould at:

    khs60s @ (spaces are here only to minimise spam)
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"Let your light shine"

  • Reminder!! If your residential address, phone number/s or email address have changed recently please send an email to the address above so we can update our data base. If you know of another ex-student whose details have changed please remind them to let us know of the changes.
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  • Do you Remember...
  • History of Kingsgrove - a fascinating book published in 2004:
    • Kingsgrove: The First Two Hundred Years by Ron Hill & Brian Madden
      Publisher: Canterbury & District Historical Society    ISBN: 0 9579391 3 2
  • Websites - the following websites open in new browser windows/tabs:
  • Remember Vivienne Powell? (62-67) Vivienne is a successful actress and singer - check out her website for more details (link opens in a new window/tab).

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